Better Construction

Modular homes are built in a factory environment with the same skilled craftsmen performing the same job each and every day. These folks are not learning their job as they are building your home.  Modular construction uses templates in nearly every facet of the building process, ensuring that your home is built with the utmost quality every step of the way.  Flexible engineering and proven manufacturing systems are all brought together to create the home you have always dreamed of.  While your home is being constructed in a controlled environment, your materials are also kept in a controlled environment, not left out on the job site to be ‘weathered' or stolen.

In addition, quality-control inspections are conducted throughout the building process...not just at the final walk-through when you are handed the key to your new home!

Faster and More Efficient Construction

If you choose a modular-built home, you will move into your home sooner than if it is traditional site-built construction.  The building time varies from job to job, but modular construction usually takes one-third the time of conventional site-built construction.  AND TIME IS MONEY!  Why?  First, there are no weather delays when your home is built in a controlled environment. Modular home construction continues year around.  Site-built construction usually grinds to a halt during inclement weather.  Secondly, while your foundation and site work is being completed, HBS building your home.  With modular construction, many of the building steps can be executed simultaneously.  With conventional site-built construction, the next building phase cannot be started until the last is completed.

More Affordable

Modular homes are construction with the best building processes and practices in the building industry.  These manufacturing “systems” allow for much more precise and expeditious construction efficiency.  More Efficiency = More Affordable.  Additionally, since modular manufacturers produce many houses per year and buy materials in bulk, they are able to negotiate the best prices from their vendors.