Choose your HBS Approved Builder

HBS works with a network of independent builders who have been approved to build our homes.  By working with independent builders that are located within specific geographic areas, we can help ensure that your home is built to meet the local requirements.  Choosing your builder can be one of the most important steps in the building process.  Find your HBS approved modular builder here.

Financing and Budgeting for your Dream Home

It is best to pre-qualify in order to determine what will work best within your budget.  Many of our approved HBS Builders can assist with pointing you in the right direction.  It is also important to find a lender that is familiar with the modular processes, especially as draw schedule percentages may differ from traditional stick-built construction.

Choose a Plan that Fits your Needs

There are literally thousands of modular plans in the market.  HBS prides itself in offering a wide variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets.  It is always best to pick a plan that has already been drawn in a modular format as a starting point.  By picking a modular plan as your starting point, you can ensure that the layout fits specific floor widths, and that we can do as much of the construction in the building facility as possible.  The more we can do in our factory, the less that has to be done on the job site, and the sooner you can move into your new home.

Customizing your Dream with Pre-designed Options

Once you have chosen a plan layout that fits both your needs and budget, it’s now time to make it yours.  Your builder will work with the HBS Sales Department to make your dream a reality.  HBS offers many levels of customization by adding pre-engineered options to existing floor plans.  Modular construction does have some limitations, but your HBS approved builder will work with you to make your vision a reality.  The HBS Engineering Department utilizes that latest CAD system to provide you with floor plans and elevations to ensure your home meets your expectations.  HBS offers a diverse array of options.  Please visit our Design Showcase Center for standard options available.  Again, your HBS approved builder can help walk you through this process and answer any questions you may have regarding look or pricing.

The Ordering Process

Once you have completed your design and it meets your budgetary needs, your builder will place your home on order with HBS.  It is at this point that the HBS Engineering Department will begin to draw your complete set of plans.  Complete sets of plans are available prior to placing your order, but your builder can determine and order them as necessary.  The permitting/zoning regulations of counties and municipalities vary, and oftentimes permitting plan sets are required prior to ordering your home.  Again, your local builder will know these nuances and work through them as necessary.  Based on your foundation timeframe and manufacturing backlog, timeliness of off-line and shipping dates will vary.  Your builder will be in constant communication with HBS to ensure that your home is built within the most effective timeframe possible.

The Delivery and Set Process

The Modular Sections of your new home are delivered to your job site by professional drivers that specialize in delivering modular units.  Depending on your lot and its accessibility, your builder may have to have equipment to move the units around on the job-site for the best crane position.  The builder and/or set crew will set each module onto the foundation and secure per local code.  At the end of the day, your new home will be secure and weather tight and ready for exterior and interior trim-outs. 

The Final Touches

Once the home is set, it is ready for the exterior and interior trim-outs.  The Builder or Exterior Trim-out Crew will finish the outside of the home, installing all remaining siding and exterior trim.  On the inside, the marriage wall work is being finished.  In addition to the marriage wall, your trim-out crew will adjust doors and finish and repair all remaining cosmetic issues.  Finally, the builder will contract the flooring to be installed, build any additions such as porches and garages and hook up the remaining connections in order to achieve a C of O. 

*This Step by Step process is intended to give a prospective customer a general idea of what the modular building process entails.  Due to local building code requirements and different land issues, other requirements may apply.  Please consult with your local builder/contractor for more specific descriptions.